Yamaha EMX 5014C mikserivahvistin

Yamaha EMX 5014C mikserivahvistin

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Yamaha EMX 5014C mikserivahvistin

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The new EMX5014C Console-style Powered Mixer - Lightweight, Portable, and a Stunning Performer

The EMX5014C is an all-in-one powered mixer that packs high-performance mixer, power amplifiers, graphic equalizers, and digital effects unit into a compact, portable console-style unit. It's rack-mountable for easy portability, and is suited for a broad range of uses. The EMX5014C replaces the highly regarded EMX5000-12 with even further upgraded audio quality and mixer functionality. Significant overall utility and design refinements have also been implemented.


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All-in-one for Easy Operation and Fast Setup

The EMX5014C integrates mixer, power amplifier, graphic EQ, and digital effects into a compact, portable unit. No need for complex setup and wiring - simply plug in and play! The entire system is optimized, so it's easy to get great sound just about anywhere.

Superior Sound through Painstaking Design and Parts Selection

Parts selection is crucial to achieving the best possible sound, and Yamaha spares no effort in selecting the best. The critical head amplifier circuit, for example, uses special low-noise chip resistors that are deposited on a thin film of nichrome for accurate, noise-free reproduction. Special care has also been taken in laying out the system's grounding as well as the circuitry in general to ensure that no unwanted noise or interference degrades the quality of the sound.

Intuitive, Functional Controls and Connectivity

The mixer section offers a total of 14 inputs in a very versatile configuration: channels 1 through 6 are mono microphone or line inputs, channels 7/8 and 9/10 can function either as mono microphone/line inputs or stereo line inputs, and channels 11/12 and 13/14 are stereo line inputs. Connectors are also provided for connection to external power amplifiers and effect processors. Stereo channels 11/12 and 13/14 include RCA pin jacks for direct connection of CD players or other music playback devices, to which the 3-band channel equalizers can be applied as required. Channels 1 through 6 offer mid-sweep 3-band EQ, while channels 7 through 14 have 3-band EQ without mid-band sweep. Two 9-band graphic equalizers are also provided for optimum matching with speakers or room acoustics.

Built-in SPX Effects

Yamaha's SPX effects are widely recognized as being some of the finest available for both recording and live sound. The EMX5014C features an SPX effect processor built in, delivering extraordinary effect quality with 32-bit processing. 16 effect programs with adjustable parameters give you top-quality digital reverb, echo, delay, modulation, and distortion. You can even connect an optional FC5 footswitch for effect on/off control.

High-efficiency Power Amplifiers

To make the EMX5014C light and manageable, the power amplifiers used must be extremely efficient while providing superior sound quality. In fact, the EMX power amplifiers are remarkably efficient, delivering high 500W + 500W (4?ohms) power with relatively low power consumption and heat generation. At the same time they deliver outstanding audio quality with excellent transient response and low distortion.

Lightweight, Practical Design

In the EMX5014C, reduced weight does not mean reduced performance. The cabinet is formed of a special lightweight-but-rugged material, while a switching power supply delivers all the clean power the system needs to output a solid 500W + 500W. And the EMX5014C weighs in at a mere 10.5 kilograms - significantly less than previous models. Comfortable carrying handles are built into the lower section of the mixer for improved handling and portability.

Uncompromising Reliability and Safety Standards

The EMX5014C not only meets worldwide safety and electronic emission standards, but it is also subject to more than sixty rigorous internal Yamaha tests that guarantee the highest possible level of reliability.

Forced Air Keeps the System Cool Even in Difficult Conditions

Airflow can be compromised when a powered mixer is rack mounted, and direct sunlight in outdoor applications can raise temperatures to dangerous levels. The EMX5014C features a forced-air cooling system that has been carefully designed to ensure reliable operation and high performance even under difficult conditions.

Six Advanced Analog Compressors Included

A total of six advanced compressor circuits are provided on the EMX5014C mono channels, letting you achieve the ideal degree of compression with a single knob. Setting up optimal compression for a source is usually a complicated process, but this unique compressor makes it easy to achieve "musical" compression for enhanced vocal or guitar sound.

Practical Utility Features

The Yamaha FCL (Feedback Channel Locating) system makes locating and eliminating feedback easier than ever. FCL indicators provided on each input channel indicate which channel feedback is occurring in, so you can identify it visually and adjust levels or EQ as required. Another handy feature is a Standby switch that mutes channels 1 through 8 so that, for example, after rehearsal or between sets you can mute performer's inputs 1 through 6 without having to change fader settings, while stereo inputs remain active for background music playback.

Yamaha Speaker Processing

Yamaha Speaker Processing provides optimized matching with Yamaha Concert Club series or BR series speakers, for clean, solid reproduction that will deliver your music with maximum impact.

Power Amp Mode Selector

The power amp mode switch allows the internal power amplifiers to be configured in a variety of ways. A simple switch setting allows you to set up the ideal main and monitor output configuration for your application.

Optional Rack Mount Hardware

The EMX-series mixers can be conveniently rack mounted using the optional RK5014 rack-mount kit.

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