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Hohner huuliharppu Marine Band SBS (Steve Baker Special)

Hohner huuliharppu Marine Band SBS (Steve Baker Special)


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“The ““Steve Baker Special”“ (SBS) uses the same construction as the classic Marine Band 365, but the sound range is extended downwards instead of upwards. Thus it features an additional lower octave with identical tuning and bending capabilities as for channels 1-3, but one octave lower. This allows for typical phrasings by using draw bends to be played over a range of 2 octaves. For the G and A major harmonicas, think of a high tuned harmonica with an extra octave in the lower range. Available in C low, D low, F low, G and A. Reeds: 28 Reedplates: Brass; 0.9 mm Comb: Pearwood Length in cm: approx. 15.9”

In contrast to the other Marine Band models, where the tonal range is simply extended upwards, this interesting model designed by highly regarded harp player and author Steve Baker features a tonal range which is extended downwards by repeating the note configuration normally found in holes 1-3 one octave lower. This permits draw note bending over a far greater range and enables the player to use all registers of the instrument.

SBS tuning giving extended bending range
Pearwood comb
Stainless steel covers mounted with screws
28 Classic reeds/14 channels
0.9 mm brass reed plates, mounted with nails
Available in C, D, F, G and A

Tuotekoodi: 365/28SBS

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