Hohner huuliharppu Larry Adler C-duuri

Hohner huuliharppu Larry Adler C-duuri


Hintatakuu: Jos löydät tuotteen halvemmalla toisesta nettikaupasta, ilmoita siitä meille - pyrimme välittömästi sopimaan paremman hinnan!

Ei toimituskuluja: Kampanjan ajan tilaukset ilman toimituskuluja. Pianojen toimitukset aina tilauskohtaisesti.

A very classical chromonica series, played – amongst others – by Larry Adler, one of the greatest harmonica virtuosos of all time. Excellent response and full sound.

Larry Adler is the most famous chromatic harmonica player in the world, responsible for bringing the instrument to a mass audience for the first time through his ground-breaking work in films, musicals and on the concert stage.

The models bearing his name enjoy continued popularity with both professional and amateur harmonicists.


plastic comb
64 Classic chromonica reeds (full 4 octave range)
1.05 mm brass reed plates
Stainless steel covers
Available in C-major

Tuotekoodi: 7574/64 C

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