Hohner huuliharppu The Chromonica

Hohner huuliharppu The Chromonica


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“State of the art since 1911 When Hohner introduced the first slide Chromonica as a 10 hole instrument in 1911, nobody could have foreseen how successful this concept would still be 100 years later. Based on Hohner’s original chromatic, the Chromonica 40 was fully developed by 1938 and apart from some minor modifications has been built in the same way ever since. In a time of ever shorter product cycles, the Chromonica is one of the timeless Hohner inventions which have shaped harmonica history over the past century. Holes 10 Reeds 40 Plate thickness 1,05mm Plate material brass Plate fixing nails Mouthpiece/Slide order Straight order Covers Stainless body pearwood Case Plastic, grey Weight 155 g Length ca. 123mm”

Pearwood comb
40 Classic chromonica reeds (21/2 octave range)
1.05 mm brass reed plates affixed with nails
Stainless steel covers
Short slide action
Available in C and G

Tuotekoodi: 260/40

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